What’s this coaching thing?

Nov 14, 2021

If you are new to coaching or have heard about coaching, you may have some questions about how coaching may serve you. Below you will find some FAQs I encounter as I am working with potential clients that are new to the coaching space. No matter what a potential coach tells you, know that if they can’t serve you 100% and focus on your goals, they may not be the right fit for you.

What is coaching?

Coaching is all about a shared journey with your coach. You’re the driver of the process and your coach will help you see new perspective, develop and grow while you lead the way. A coach provides support through a combination of powerful questions, deep listening, and providing objective observations with no attachment to being right. However, during the conversation, permission will be asked to share experiences and provide advice when requested.

How does coaching work?

You will receive coaching sessions at a time that is convenient for you and your schedule. During that time, you will create the agenda for your session. The coach will support you in ensuring you’re focusing on the areas of growth that will best support you in your desired outcomes.  All information shared in these coaching sessions is confidential. You are free to speak your mind and process what’s coming up for you completely unfiltered. You will not be judged nor will the information you share with your coach be shared with anyone else.

What’s your approach, Karen?

My approach to coaching, empowers you to be fully in the driver’s seat, while I hold the space for you to explore your inner world. The only times that this differs is for the initial and final session, as these sessions are thoughtfully structured to provide a framework for our coaching relationship. Sometimes, you may wonder  – what can I speak about at my next session? My role as your coach is to create a framework for you to constantly explore areas of your life that you’d like to evolve and explore.

What are some expected outcomes?

  • A personalized experience where you will receive professional coaching that acknowledges and honors your unique path and process. 
  • You’ll be empowered to confidently access your own solutions as we shine a spotlight on your innate ability for self-discovery and purposeful goals.
  • Increased self-awareness in each session.
  • A safe environment to do the inner work and raise your level of consciousness to show up as your highest self.
  • I will always hold you in a positive light and remind you of your core values.
  • Coaching is about challenging mindset and habits, so be curious, open, and energized!
  • Text or email communication in-between sessions to celebrate wins and share updates.