May I start by being vulnerable with you?

Who am I? Well, I am a globetrotter, an empath, an introvert, a tea and scotch aficionado, a former corporate leader and someone who enjoys the BEINGNESS of life. And I’m the fur-mom to Daenerys - a small dog who usually doesn’t live up to her name!

What shaped me?

I grew up on the sunshine coast in South Africa. The morning sunlight reflecting on the water signaled the start of a new day with endless possibilities. To this day, I still enjoy sunrises and the possibilities that they bring, and prefer island escapes whenever I have the chance (yah mahn!).

Growing up, my community meant everything to me - Ubuntu shaped our way of being. My mother had an uncanny ability to see through people’s words to recognize their true intentions. She taught me to make wise choices about the energy and people I want to surround myself with.

When my parents weren’t at home, I spent hours with my Aunties. Through their wisdom, I learned how much the little things in life really do matter. And I still have a penchant for being around people older and more experienced than I am.

From my father, I learned the art and power of presence. He was the kind of person who others gravitated towards simply based on how he carried himself - he showed up as a “leader” in any room he entered. My father also gave me the gift of travel. His dying wish was for me to see the world and open my mind to different cultures, people and experiences. I’ve honored his wish by traveling and living in over 30 different countries.

I was fortunate to grow up in such an inspiring place and with the influence of such a powerful family and community. Their influence informs how I choose to show up every day as a leader, for myself and those around me.

My journey to this point has been both challenging and wonderful. I have no regrets and I believe I’m exactly where I am meant to be.

9 years old

The Certifications I earned:

How did I get here?

We all have two lives. The second one begins once we realize we only have one (Thanks, Tom Hiddleston). Covid and remote work made clear that my corporate role wasn’t inspiring and energizing me anymore.

I brought the practice of coaching into every role I’ve worked in, yet struggled to gain traction for coaching as an organizational practice. On the one hand, I’d have individuals actively seeking me out for coaching, as they saw the power of coaching first hand. But at a corporate level, coaching was viewed as a way to solve problems - as in “Let’s get Joe Schmo a coach to fix their management skills.” My inability to institutionalize coaching was causing me to question my own skills as a people development leader.  

I decided to take action and find a solution, after all – I am a solution-focused coach. I decided to stop shrinking myself in places I’ve outgrown. In order to truly see the change in the world, I had to be it and serve from a place of authenticity. After all, if I am not walking my truth, how can I expect my clients to do the same?

In my 18+ years as a professional, I have experienced and witnessed a gamut of bad leadership and people behaviors, as well as great leaders and high potentials existing in the corporate world. I realized that people want - and often need - the gift of having that one person that believes in them.

It gave me the gift of re-evaluating my values and priorities. It helped remind me of all the ways that I am remarkable and extraordinary. And it inspired me to help others find out how extraordinary they really are.

our motto

“It always seems impossible until it is done”


I am a solution-focused coach.

Which simply means that I support my clients to get in touch with their authentic selves, shift their thinking and make progressive and impactful changes to achieve their goals.
I created 3 Dots Coaching to (Curious about “why” this name?) enable you, through results-driven coaching to work towards how you can show up empowered, confident, and with clarity. I hold a consciousness and a safe space where my clients and their visions thrive.

I meet my clients where they are on their journey and help them go from there on new adventures. In addition to spending many hours in coaching clients, coaching trainings, investing in top tier coaches (yes even a coach needs a coach… I have three), and listening with an innocent mind, I also incorporate value-based assessments, psychometrics e.g. communication style, Hogan, DISC, MBTI, Strengths Finder, EQ, Positive Intelligence (PQ,) Leadership Assessments etc, and other proven behavioral techniques, to truly understand and support you on your journey of being extraordinary.

My wealth of knowledge, gained through years of professional experience in top leadership positions, coaching for all levels of organizations, and leading Diversity, Equity, and Belonging initiatives that I worked in, enabled me to gain insight into behavioral traits and human skills, through the development of trustworthy connections. I was able to influence behavior and change people's career trajectories.

Our sessions will be geared towards a mindset restructuring, whether you are in the middle of a career transition, going through a major life change, in a leadership role, feeling stuck...whatever the situation. Together, we will create the space for all the aspects of your life and the prevailing circumstances with reference to what you want to achieve with focus and clarity.

With clients demanding high standards and quality coaching, I am confident in my methods that you will achieve your goals during the course of our sessions. 

And I would love to do that for you too. Wait... there is a catch.

​​I only invite clients to work with me who are:

Who want to have a positive impact in this world.
Remarkable, goal-oriented, extraordinary, and willing to commit and honor themselves.
Comfortable being uncomfortable and going deep into it.
Willing to be in a safe space to explore endless possibilities.
Eager to show-up as their highest selves in any situation.
Unequivocally having fun along the way.

If this is you, I’d like to “gift” you a connection conversation with me.

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This was the exact moment it all changed for me. When I started caring for my COVID puppy, Daenerys. I started owning my story as COVID gave me this gift.

She opened my heart and mind. She is my mirror every day. It is so wonderful to have at least one being that cares, loves and listens to you unconditionally. I feel safe with her and hopefully she is with me.

I check myself before I forget what it feels like to care about someone other than myself. She allows me to show up as the leader in my life that I am meant to be. 



My  Dog  Daenerys

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Slow mornings, time in nature, good healthy daily habits, healing, dogs, and really great hats.


Hustle culture, superficial people, artificial plants, long emails, bullsh*t, comparison, band-aid fixes, boring anything.


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