Yes, we all feel stuck sometimes, especially when we think we’ve done it all or reached the top of the ladder in our careers.

Where does it all fit into my life and how do I go about figuring it all out?

I’ve been there, done that. All we need is that one person that can hold a safe space of consciousness to empower us to get what we desire to be successful and fulfilled. It all starts with how we look at things and a mindset that is powerful enough to bring us closer to our goals. 

Coaching is about being brave enough to want to go after what you want. It’s about challenging yourself to step out of your bubble of comfort and get uncomfortable with going deep into it. 

Coaching is an experience that allows you to envision your extraordinary life and achievements without double guessing your decisions.

Coaching provides clarity and objectivity without all the fear and anxiety.

Most importantly, as your coach, you will always have me as your champion and to hold you in a positive frame when you don’t see your potential. 

You're in the right place.

We want to know what’s next.    

It is part of the human condition.

Navigate career transitions with an actionable plan

Balance work, life, and yourself with a purpose

What is Coaching?

Coaching is unique for each individual. Whether you are an executive or have life challenges, the approach remains the same. My approach is holistic.

  1. I will challenge your limiting beliefs, which starts with your mindset. 
  2. You will assess your values and how it aligns with your current state.
  3. Together we will come up with a plan to achieve your dreams, goals, desires, purpose and put the fun back into living an extraordinary life of fulfilment.

Clarity and objectivity 


Mental Fitness

Discover and pursue professional and personal goals with passion

Balance work, life, and yourself with a intention and focus

get in touch

Improve leadership confidence and skills

Effective performance management and productivity

Develop influence through executive presence

Create team effectiveness that drives performance and relationships

​​I only invite clients to work with me who are:

Visionaries who want to have a positive impact in this world.
Remarkable, goal-oriented, extraordinary, and willing to commit and honor themselves.
Willing to do the work and challenge themselves.
Comfortable being uncomfortable and going deep into it.
Willing to be in a safe space to explore endless possibilities.
Eager and want to commit and show-up as their highest selves in any situation.
Unequivocally having fun along the way.

If this is you, I’ll be honored to have a conversation.

I'm often asked how coaching is different from mentoring, consulting and counseling. My definition is - “Coaching is set apart by asking powerful questions, applying active listening skills that empower the client to achieve their goal(s) through a process of self-discovery.” 

As a coach, I don’t have an agenda. You come to the sessions with a goal you want to achieve and we work together to create a space of consciousness for you to do your inner work. It is not about addressing the past (counseling), and not about giving advice (mentoring).

"Coach Karen is an amazing being, and there’s not enough complimenting words to say"

 to describe the positive impact she’s had on me as a coach. There have been plenty of moments for myself growth in our sessions.

 It’s very important for me to know that I have authentic communication without judgment, and Coach Karen’s abilities to be fully aware of this in our sessions has been key in guiding me to accomplish my goals. If you’re able to have Coach Karen’s service please embrace the moment because you’ll be glad you did!

- Lorenzo Bennett

"Karen is an exceptional coach in more ways than one."

She’s a media and management professional, but if there’s one quality that stands out, its authenticity. She cares about everyone she comes in contact with, gets to know them, and does everything she can to ensure you feel valued. 

I’m truly glad to have met Karen and am excited to see her continue on her successful path, with many great achievements to come.

- Kim Dsouza




It's never too late to rebuild, to rewrite your future, your heart or reignite your dreams

So what's stopping you?

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