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We work with organizations and senior leadership to upscale continuous professional development with executive coaching, leadership coaching, lead with empathy, emotional intelligence, adaptive leadership, executive presence, and other leadership development solutions, which can include mentoring programs from design to implementation.

What type of leader do you want to be?

Leadership is about creating an ecosystem whereby people can thrive with or without your presence. It’s not only about leading projects or people. It’s not only about leading projects or people. It is the art of developing and motivating people to move forward with a common purpose. It starts with you, but it isn’t about you.

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How it works?

In-take Conversation

We’ll discuss your goals and your desired outcomes, and assess whether they are related to performance (how you are currently doing) or developmental (how you want to grow).  



We will agree on areas that are a priority, timelines, and your KPIs to measure success.

Customized development to target the specific outcomes aligned with the KPIs and goals.

Not so long ago, I was struggling to develop a team and also my own performance areas.

No matter how senior you get in an organization, you are never done learning, improving and growing. As organizations evolve and adapt to new challenges and new ways of working, you’ll need a different set of skills than the ones that got you here. Failure to evolve your skills will impact your performance, and your team’s performance.

Being part of organizations that were not attuned with their leadership’s professional development, can be directly linked to their team’s performance. It doesn’t mean because you are senior leadership or C-suite that you are done with learning and improving. As organizations adapt to new ways of working and their knowledge equity within the company, it is important to understand how organizations mature and the skills you needed when you first stepped into a leadership role is completely different from where you are now. 

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our motto

“Do not be afraid to make decisions. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.”


"Karen is a great sounding board. "

She offered thoughtful insights and provocative challenges. Her coaching has transformed Managers into Leaders, and accelerated team performances.

Her approach is simple - meet people where they are and take them where they want to or need to go. Confidentiality is the foundation of all her coaching and leadership development sessions.

Everything is tied to a measurable outcome with accountability.

- Seow Leng Porter, Managing Partner, MediaCom

"Karen has the unique ability to recognize, challenge, and empower talent."

I’ve been the beneficiary of her support but she has also helped me,
refine the core tenets I follow, as a leader, myself.

When I embarked on a journey to elevate my performance and improve my professional skillset, she was instrumental in providing support and resources. She worked with me to develop a formal mentorship program and was able to do so without an existing construct in place. She also, patiently, walked me through the right training that would best align with my intentions.

- Lance, Strategy Director, GroupM


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